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Pihu Sharma
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While legal laws are an important step towards combating child marriages in India, they alone are not sufficient to entirely eradicate this deeply entrenched social issue. Child marriage is a complex problem deeply rooted in cultural, social, economic, and gender norms. Despite the existence of laws, child marriages continue to occur due to various reasons, including poverty, lack of education, societal pressure, and traditional beliefs.

The legal framework in India includes several acts and provisions aimed at preventing child marriages. The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA) of 2006 explicitly prohibits the solemnization and facilitation of child marriages. It sets the legal age for marriage as 18 for females and 21 for males, with stringent penalties for offenders. The Act also emphasizes the importance of awareness, education, and support services for the prevention and protection of child marriages.

However, the effectiveness of laws depends on their implementation, enforcement, and awareness among the general population. Despite the legal framework, child marriages persist due to various challenges. One challenge is the lack of effective enforcement mechanisms, especially in rural and remote areas where child marriages are more prevalent. Limited resources, corruption, and lack of awareness among law enforcement agencies often hinder the effective implementation of these laws