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Child marriage exposes girls to a range of abuses, often resulting in severe physical, psychological, and emotional harm. The following are some of the abuses commonly associated with child marriage:

Sexual violence and exploitation: Girls forced into early marriages are often subjected to non-consensual sexual relations, violating their autonomy and exposing them to sexual abuse and exploitation by their spouses. This can lead to physical and psychological trauma, as well as the increased risk of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS.
Domestic violence: Child brides are at a higher risk of experiencing domestic violence, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, within their marital homes. The power imbalance and dependence on their husbands make them vulnerable to maltreatment and control.
Reproductive health risks: Early pregnancies and childbearing pose significant health risks for girls whose bodies may not be fully developed to handle the challenges of childbirth. They face higher rates of complications, maternal mortality, and injuries during childbirth. Lack of access to reproductive health services and information further exacerbates these risks.
Limited educational opportunities: Child marriage often results in the discontinuation of girls’ education. Denying them access to education perpetuates a cycle of limited opportunities, diminished autonomy, and economic dependence.
Social isolation: Child brides are frequently isolated from their families, friends, and communities, cutting off their support networks and exacerbating their vulnerability. This isolation can lead to increased dependency on their spouses and limited avenues for seeking help.
When girls who have experienced violence in their marriage seek help, their experiences may vary depending on the available support systems and resources in their specific contexts. Some possible outcomes include:

Access to support services: NGOs, helplines, and community-based organizations may offer counseling, legal assistance, and medical support to girls seeking help. These services aim to ensure their safety, physical and mental well-being, and provide guidance on legal remedies.
Legal interventions: Girls who seek help can pursue legal remedies to protect themselves from further abuse. This may involve filing for divorce, obtaining protection orders, or pursuing criminal charges against perpetrators.
Community and family support: In some cases, seeking help may lead to community and family support, where individuals within the girl’s social network intervene to protect her rights and provide assistance.
Challenges and barriers: Girls seeking help may encounter various challenges, including social stigma, lack of awareness about available support services, financial constraints, and inadequate legal protection. These barriers can hinder their ability to escape abusive situations and access the help they need.
Efforts to address child marriage and its associated abuses require a comprehensive approach, encompassing legal reforms, awareness campaigns, community engagement, access to education and healthcare, and support services tailored to the specific needs of girls facing violence within child marriages.