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Pratishtha Naithani
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Child marriage is a deeply concerning practice with profound implications. It involves marrying girls or boys before they attain the legal age of consent. This harmful tradition can lead to a range of taboo activities and detrimental outcomes. One such consequence is the increased vulnerability of child brides to forced prostitution and human trafficking. Girls who are forced into early marriages are at a heightened risk of being exploited and coerced into the sex trade. Moreover, child marriage exposes young girls to serious health risks. Their bodies, often not yet fully developed, face complications during childbirth, resulting in higher maternal and infant mortality rates. Additionally, child brides are more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. Beyond the immediate physical and psychological impact, child marriage also perpetuates gender inequality. It reinforces harmful social norms and unequal power dynamics, denying girls the opportunity to make choices about their own lives. Despite some progress made in recent years, with changes in legislation and increased awareness, child marriage remains prevalent in certain regions. Efforts to eradicate this practice and address its associated challenges must persist to safeguard the rights and well-being of children worldwide.