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Raisha Vijray
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SELF-LOVE IS NECESSARY FOR US. Whenever we try to understand this statement, we observe that self-love is something that is necessary for each and everybody. Self-love is mandatory in order to understand a person’s own value so that no other person could criticise their values. A person will only respect you if you respect yourself in all aspects. Nobody is perfect within themselves and everybody has different kinds of flaws but it doesn’t really mean that you’ll start criticising yourself for the same or start feeling insecure about yourself. It is important to accept yourself the way you are and then try to love yourself as much as possible. It’s important to accept all your flaws and insecurities and accept yourself completely in front of the world. This will help you gain confidence within yourself and will make people realise how confident you are. Then this confidence will eventually help you get attention from people because they’ll understand that how perfectly you accept yourself. A person who is confident is always liked by the world and is seemed to be perfect within themselves. You can never expect anybody to love you unless you love yourself. They should know that there are so many things that people can adore about you. Thus, there are certain things that even you may not be knowing and which has to be known in order to present yourself beautifully and confidently in front of others. Unless and until you’re not knowing yourself, nobody else could know you properly, thus, your self-love will help people know beautiful you can be inside out if they ever come to know you better. You should always be the first priority in your life and should never try to degrade yourself because of the opinions of a random person. Therefore, self-love is extremely necessary for us.