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Raisha Vijray
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Single mothers have often faced discrimination in different aspects. They have been continuously criticised by the society and are held responsible for the demise of their spouse. People continuously make them feel as if they are the reason for everything negative and harmful that has been happened in their families. Nobody realises that a Mother is somebody who crosses all the borders for her child or her family. The efforts that a Mother puts in just to make her child and family happy are never taken into consideration. Thus, even today, in the 21st century we could observe people constantly criticising them and expecting them to sit inside without food and financial resources and survive with the bare minimum, they are still somehow expected to remain housewives irrespective of the lack of resources they might have due to not working. A woman is stronger than anybody and has all the rights to work hard for her family and child to make them happy and provide them with sufficient resources that are needed by them. Therefore a single mother has all the rights for herself and nobody else has the right to criticise her in any of the aspect.