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Reaya Tomar
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Short dresses definately do not define our character but wearing to short dresses that shows most of our body part does. I have many girls in my college that are from fashion society that wear such dresses and walk everyday past me but definately defining them on the basis of that is wrong but instead we should try to see their true nature. Girls on there part should understand the difference between wearing short dresses and fashionable clothes and wears those clothes which on purpose would show your body and make you a topic of discussion in someone’s conversation. Showing to much body is also not correct way to walk in the society. People should understand the kind of social circle they live in and the kind of mindset most of the people from our parents generation have. Obviously we can’t force them to change that cause once the opinion and mindset has formed that is difficult to change. Girls might not be showing there cleavage or legs by wearing such dresses but one doesn’t know about the kind of people one passes by which would get them judged. Wearing such clothes when you are traveling through public transport and you know that you could encounter any kind of person having the most chilled personality to the most judging personality creates a problem. So basically in my view clothing should be according to the society,the purpose,the event,the venue, your confort, the social circles you would be crossing and obviously your choice. Cause whether we care or not we do get judged at all places at every step of our path by everyone.