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Neha Potdar
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The ability of victims to remain anonymous is crucial for preserving their dignity, safety, and right to privacy. This right acknowledges that victims of trauma, abuse, or other types of victimisation should be able to decide whether or not their names are revealed.

Victims’ confidentiality should be respected for a variety of reasons. It aids in defending them against potential harm, such as reprisals or more stigmatisation. The assurance that their names will be protected encourages people to come forward and report crimes or ask for assistance. The efficiency of justice systems and victim assistance services as a whole is a result of this.
The retraumatization that might take place when victims’ identities are revealed without their consent might be avoided by maintaining their anonymity. The public revealing of their identities may worsen the already severe emotional and psychological difficulties that many victims currently endure, impeding their ability to rehabilitate.

In some circumstances, there may be justifiable justifications for taking into account the public interest in revealing the identities of victims, such as increasing awareness of particular issues or inspiring others to come forward. However, any disclosure decision should be carefully considered in light of the possible harm it could do, as well as the informed consent and wellbeing of the individuals concerned.

Regarding the revelation of victim identities, different countries have different laws and regulations. Legal systems frequently strike a compromise between the necessity to protect victims and the freedom of expression and information rights of the public. In order to strike the right balance and prioritise the rights, wellbeing, and autonomy of victims, society must constantly assess and improve these frameworks.