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Samriti Sharma
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Let’s begin by acknowledging the fact that we all judge, as that is the natural human tendency of a human being. Carl Jung has rightly stated that ” thinking is difficult, that is why most people judge”. It is practically impossible for all the people in any particular society to have a common opinion and this is called individuality which should be respected. I here personally feel that we should not judge an individual based on opinions on a specific issue. Every person has a different mindset which is developed by the atmosphere, environment provided to an individual it is important to understand here that what is right for us, may not be so for the other person. Something that is acceptable to them may not be approved by us. This difference of opinion is beautiful in its own way which shouldn’t be criticized or judged upon rather efforts should be made to understand the perspective of the other person as well.
Judging someone for their opinion on a specific issue is downright unethical. Opinions can not be categorised into right and wrong simply because everyone stating their opinions on any issue are right from their own perspective. Just because their opinion are not familiar with that of ours, or that their opinions are opposed to the views we are presenting doesn’t give us the right as an individual to judge others. On the contrary, it becomes our responsibility to educate any such individual in person if we feel like they’re genuinely wrong about a certain thing rather than judging them. It is easy to judge and move one but it takes real courage to step into someone’s shoes to understand why they are saying or behaving the particular way. We as a society here are bestowed with the responsibility of accepting instead of judging.