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Aditi Sahu
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Our society has made it a habit to make women’s life as difficult as possible. They keep policing and preaching them on millions of topics. One such topic is that of work-life balance. Society makes a point of it to preach to all married women with or without kids to place the importance on family first and work next. Obviously family and life should be kept first if it ever comes to it, but the society just can’t bear that a woman is giving equal importance to her work. They always feel that her work, whether paid or unpaid is secondary and that her husband’s is the primary source of income and hence is the only work that matters.

The mindset that only women are supposed to place more importance on work-life balance is highly patriarchal in nature, and it should be recognised by people that they are doing nothing making women’s lives miserable by constantly preaching them on what to do and what not to do. I think women should be allowed to make choices for themselves as they are fully capable to do. They shouldn’t be preached and policed for work, nor for life, and neither on any other matter.