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Aditi Sahu
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We all know that household work done by women is barely acknowledged, we might occasionally applaud them for being selfless and all, but for the most part it is neglected. Why is it so? There might be two reasons for if. First, because it’s unpaid, and second, because of the inherent misogyny in people’s minds.

So coming to the first possible reason: the household work done by women is obviously unpaid. But that makes you wonder, should they be paid for it? The answer is quite complex to this question. On one hand, it’s quite hard to place a value on something as important as daily household work, and on the other hand it also creates the dilemma of who will pay them. And it’s not just about money we’re talking here, it’s women’s independence, because obviously financial freedom is very important for every individual. And just because a woman is involved in the household work, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve financial freedom.

Of course, one can say that the husband is earning money and his money is hers as well, but we don’t live in an ideal society where marital relations are so good, our current society homes not only many abusive marriages but also life threatening ones. So in such a scenario women getting paid for household work seems like a necessity rather than an option. Therefore, this is a very complex topic and we need a more mainstream and nuanced discussion on it.