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Afshan Iqbal
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Gender equality is a human right. When we teach children about gender equality from the start then the society will prosper. The base of any belief and thoughts are built from childhood and when the child who has learned the valid things grows up, he/she becomes an ideal human. Why are these concepts of misogyny, misandry, inequality, superiority, and many other stereotypes present in our society? It is because children from the start aren’t taught about these valid concepts. The question is: How will we promote gender equality in classrooms?

Firstly, all schools should be co-ed. That will be the first step towards gender equality. Secondly, teachers play an important role in shaping children’s thoughts. The equality of all children starts from the classroom with teachers. When teachers teach their students about equality then the concept is known to them. There are a few things that teachers should do in order to promote gender equality in the classroom. When referring to children, teachers should never say boys/girls, they should always refer to them as students/children. It’s often seen that when girls cry, teachers are very comforting to them but when boys cry, they don’t give them the equal attention and thus neglect their emotions as “girlish”. So, teachers should always encourage all children to share their feelings and emotions equally. No activity/sport should be based on gender and everything should be open to both the genders. Never say things like boys/girls are strong/weak. Let the children be free to express their thoughts. Make the students sit together and do not segregate them by genders.
By taking these and more such steps, we can promote gender equality in the classroom which is very important to build a better future for our upcoming generations.