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Afshan Iqbal
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Women aren’t considered funny in comparison to men. Why? It’s not like they don’t have the humorous capability. The problem is of acknowledgment. When a man says something funny, a woman acknowledges it while when a woman says something funny, the degree of acknowledgment doesn’t come as much and it’s also about the portrayal of women in society, shy, quiet, and dignified. If we look at some examples, since childhood boys do laughable tactics, it’s considered funny and when a girl does the same, she’s being told to behave. How many times we have seen a girl being the one kidding in the class, it’s always boys and they get acknowledged for it but when a girl does the same, she’s considered as misbehaving. Like other things, humor is also related to men. We always associate humor or fun with men and think that women can’t be humorous. Men are so insecure when women are more humorous than them. Humor is not associated with a woman’s personality. It’s always about a man. Men will never say that a woman is humorous because it will make them insecure about their own humorous capabilities. It’s always about a man being funny and if a woman is funny, she’s cute. That’s where she doesn’t get acknowledged for her humorous skills. Hardly do we see people attending women stand-up comedian shows, why’s that? It’s because of the particular reason of “acknowledgment”. So, the real problem is acknowledgment, we never acknowledge a woman’s humor and thus pretend that they aren’t funny. Which is absolutely rubbish. Women can make you laugh, you just have to acknowledge it.