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Aditi Sahu
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Dreams and passion: something that every individual has. And it is a very exhilarating feeling to get encouraged to follow your dreams and passion. But, are women equally encouraged to follow their passion as men are? Sadly, no. It is very rare to see women getting encouraged by the society to follow their passion, they aren’t even encouraged by their own families to dream big and work towards achieving something that they are passionate about.

In fact, encouragement isn’t even a question, women are sometimes even told to not have any dreams at all! Our society still believes that women belong inside the four walls of a home, and that they shouldn’t have dreams that can make it possible for them to spend less time at home. Women are often told to do a job that makes it easier for them to stay at home most of the time and take care of their family. While we hear parents say how they want their son to dream big and do something remarkable, they expect their daughters to do jobs such as teaching because according to them those jobs are better suited for women.

This backward mindset really needs to change, and it should change now. Women and men, both should be equally encouraged to follow their dreams and passions.