Afshan Iqbal
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As we see, the times have changed and it’s not just a man’s world anymore. Women are making an impact in every field and they are leading in every way. There is no place where we find women any less than men. So, it’s very important to lift women and give them the well-deserved positions that society has always ignored just because of their gender.
Women are born leaders. They may not always realize their potential but once unleashed, there’s no way to stop them to climb the ladder of success. In order to be a good leader, it’s very important that women who are just entering the workforce get inspired by other women who are currently smashing their role as a leader in the workplace. Women uplifting women! This will pave a new way towards empowerment. Women should bring up unique ideas to the organization and should not be intimidated by people pulling them down. Women should demonstrate determination, enthusiasm, and the capability to take responsibility when a difficult situation arrives. They should encourage teamwork which will set a great example for a leader. Women should put their perspectives out in the open and always guide others irrespective of any obstacles. Women leaders should be a guide for young talents so that the bright young minds of the next generation possess the qualities. Women should have confidence and at the same time humility. A woman just needs to know her worth and the fact that she deserves the position and should be humble and kind not taking the success to her head. That will make her a worthy leader. Women have the ability to wear many hats while balancing careers, households, and other jobs so just like all the hurdles, a woman can be a leader too, and a deserving one.