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Shreya Shukla
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It is hard to start a career for a woman and then it goes on to get harder with time. So it is hard to begin again her career. Life is a roller coaster ride, especially for women. She needs to take care of her family and work hard at the workplace too. I am not trying to say that men don’t take care of their families but in most families, a woman is expected to carry out these responsibilities. Usually, a woman takes a break from her career to fulfil the needs of her child after marriage. Being a mother is a tough task but women nose how to tackle it. The starting period of motherhood is the toughest part of her entire motherhood because in this part not only does she have to take care of her newborn baby but also herself. In this phase, she needs support from her family but some don’t get that so they have to choose between their career and child. Of course, she does what a mother does she chooses her baby over the hard work that she did for achieving a particular position. But the sad part is that when after years she wants to restart her job or business no one supports her. They become used to the daily routine in which a woman works throughout the day and takes care of her child. She gets to listen “oh! Leave it, what will you make out of that job, no need to be a working woman, take care of your child”, ” How selfish she is! How can she leave her child at home like this, just to work outside for a few pennies” etc. Disgusting to hear these kinds of words for a woman who sacrificed her career to fulfil her families dream of a child. Not everything should be considered with the number of money some things are done for self-esteem, confidence.
Women can achieve whatever she wants to without suspicion. One of the greatest examples is Olympic medalist Marry Kom who is a boxer and she started her career after a long pause. No one trusted her except her husband, people tried a lot to discourage her but she kept on working for her dream and finally, she made it come true. It was a slap on the faces of people who think women are less than men and an inspiration for women who want to restart the journey with full zeal towards their declining career.