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Afshan Iqbal
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Patriarchy is a system of society in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. It is present among us in so many ways like a family being identified by a male and not a female and the concept that a man is supposed to work outside and be a breadwinner for the family while a woman should work inside and take care of the household. When it comes to the workplace, sometimes there are traces of women falling prey to misogyny. When men witness women doing better than them, they hardly accept a woman’s leadership and as a result, she is required to work in a tactful environment where her opinions do not matter as much.
Patriarchy affects everyone, it is a curse to society. A man is affected by patriarchy as much as a woman. Due to patriarchy, men become victims of social stigma that they have to be the breadwinner, carry the responsibilities of the family and they have to be stoic, strong, and non-emotional all the time and what not! This stereotyping of males and females has caused many problems in society and will continue to be a big threat if it isn’t treated from the core. Definitely, Patriarchy is harmful to men as much as it is harmful to women. Patriarchy is a disease that infects everyone. As a society, we have to learn, unlearn and relearn a number of things related to patriarchy. Everyone should work together to make this world a place that believes in equality and the empowerment of all genders.