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038 deepika Singh
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Toxic masculinity is another extension of gender stereotypes where a man is expected to behave in a certain way so that he is ‘manly enough ‘ to be called a man. I believe that masculinity is not a bad thing but forcing it upon people and making it toxic becomes a issue that needs to be addressed. The traits of toxic masculinity forces a person to be emotionally and physically tough. Men are supposed to be strong and dominating by fighting back in all kinds of situations. They are not supposed to ‘cry like a girl’ or show any signs of emotions normally associated with women because being emotional and affectionate poses a threat to toxic masculinity. They are excused from giving any meaningful apology or having an effective conversation just because it is against the rules of masculinity.

It’s hard to point out a single cause of toxic masculinity, largely because its concept varies across different places, cultures, religion and classes. But one thing is clear – toxic masculinity is not only harmful for others but also for men on whom it is forced upon. Adhering to toxic masculinity can lead to a man bottling up his emotions for years in turn experiencing several health and anger issues. Men are less likely to see a doctor when necessary out of fear of appearing weak and vulnerable. They often fail to seek help from their friends and elders.
While toxic masculinity definitely has effects on individuals, it can also have larger societal impacts. Heinous crimes such as rape, sexual assault, violence are encouraged through toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity is a issue of concern and needs to be acknowledged and this can only be done when we put an effort to avoid assigning certain characteristics to specific gender identities.