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Aditi Sahu
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Our country reports so many cases of assault against women every single day. Women, no matter their age, are not safe from the exploitations that are increasing day by day. Self-defence is definitely something that can help tackle this issue in some way. Women of all ages prefer to enroll themselves to learn self-defence. So that makes you wonder, should self-defence for girls be made compulsory?

The answer is a big yes! Obviously women getting assaulted is not the result of their own physical weakness, but getting self-defence training can be a very good preventive measure for their safety. It is the need of the hour that each and every woman should know how to protect herself if it ever comes to it.

So yes, self-defence should be made compulsory for women and girls of all ages, but what we shouldn’t forget is that self-defence for girls is not a solution except a mere preventive measure. The real solution to the problems that women face every single day is the disgusting mindset of the perpetrators. So the focus should be more on educating people, and making strict rules against the perpetrators of such crimes than the self-defence of the girls.