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Samriti Sharma
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All the valid points have been raised above beautifully and I would like to present my views on gender stereotypes too
So to begin with let’s start with what the term actually means, a generalized view or perception towards a man or women is known as stereotyping basically. Stereotypes set by a society denote a negative approach towards minorities, women and suppressed classes of Indian society in particular. Gender stereotypes encourage and promote the biased attitude towards women who have always been considered inferior.
A certain behaviour has been approved which is to be followed according to the gender one falls in, and those who do not conform to the gender stereotypes are discriminated, treated unfairly.
These outdated stereotypes do affect the career of women adversely as there are still many decisions which a women can not take by herself independently cause of the societal fear of being not accepted by people. While choosing career there are still terms such as women’s job and men’s job which clearly reflects the distinction made between genders on basis of sex.