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Samriti Sharma
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I believe this is beyond something good and bad it can be said that it is indeed the need of the hour to recognise and stand up in solidarity for promoting the concept of feminism clearly which bus contrary to the practice of patriarchy.
Patriarchy is the term used to describe mala dominance over women in society, a practice where rights and obligations of women were suppressed due to male dominance whereas the concept of feminism on the other hand has evolved as a mechanism to protect and promote the interest of women in particular to give them the opportunity to obtain education, employment and right to participate in political affairs of the country.
For the development of the nation as a whole it now has become very important that women should be introduced to education and employment in various sectors as women are capable enough to handle responsible positions in the given sector. Feminism has done a commendable job in past few years to improve the condition of women not only in india but at the international level too as it is a global movement.