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Aditi Sahu
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Incidents of domestic violence are not unheard of when it comes to a country like India. But when we hear about domestic violence, the only picture that comes in our mind is that of a victim getting beaten by the abuser. While this is definitely a true picture of domestic violence, we often fail to hear the silent voices of the other silent victims of domestic violence: the children.

Domestic violence at home not only affect children’s mental health at the current time, but it also has long term consequences in their life. A lot of studies have shown that the children who have witnessed domestic violence in their homes are more at risk in being violent in the relationships they cultivate in future. So basically, children’s exposure to domestic violence in their homes is creating a never ending cycle of abuse and violence. And domestic violence doesn’t just put the future acquaintances of the child at risk, the child himself is at risk of physical abuse at home if there is case of domestic violence between the parents.

So without a doubt, one can say that yes, domestic violence does affect the children at home. It has long term consequences not only on the children’s physical and mental health but also on the relationships that the children may have in the future.