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Though we are in 70th year of Independence,still there is gender equality specially against Women of India. Its really sad were we worship women as Shakti,the atrocities are committed agaisnt her in all sections of life.She is being looked down as commodity or as a slave, she is not robbed of her dignity and pride outside her house but she also faces ill-treatment and other atrocities within the four walls of her house. Though at work place women are equal against men in office, But mens work are highly appreciated than women. In modern times many women are coming out to work but has to shoulder the double responsibility; one she has to work where she is employed and secondly she also has to do all the house hold works, moreover, she is last to be considered and first to be fired as she is considered to be less productive than her counterpart. Her general status in the family and in the society has been low and unrecognized. When ever there is violence against women, if the girl is teased, rape Why all always people first blame we girls, ladie that the cloths which we were it provoke them to do these disgusting things. Were there is no power justice to women even now.