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038 deepika Singh
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When on one hand Feminism preaches equality between men and women, pseudo feminism is a believe that lashes out on men for any kind of injustices done to women. Feminism teaches us that women deserves equal rights as women whereas pseudo feminists takes a one step forward by claiming that women deserves more respect and rights than man.
People who are unaware of the real meaning of feminism often end up being a pseudo feminists.

What do they actually want ?
A world ruled by women! They mock innocent men and try to resolve all injustices done on women by targeting and demeaning men. Nowadays more and more men have started becoming victims of pseudo feminism. For instance, if a woman comes out about her defamation and harassment by a man, people start blindly believing the girl without any proofs and without even letting the man speak in his defence. They start bashing the guy without listening to his part of the story.

The prime aim of pseudo feminism is to consider women as a superior being and quash all men and clearly it is a threat to our society. Living in a society where women face several problems everyday, there exists some people who damage the real meaning of feminism in turn spreading hatred and discrimination among genders.