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Afshan Iqbal
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Domestic Violence definitely affects children at home. When a child sees his/her parents indulging in violence it takes a mental toll in that child. Domestic violence happens mostly with a woman so when a child sees their mother being beaten up, it affects him/her so much that they start getting depressed. It doesn’t only make the child develop feelings of hatred for the abusing parent but they might develop the same habit when they grow up. We see the child struggling to concentrate in school and he fears making friends. As he grows up, he starts getting aggressive as well because when the child sees their parent abusing the other parent, he develops the feeling that this is normal. Domestic Violence affects each child differently, while some catch up with the same attitude and implement it in the future with their own spouse. Some learn a lesson from it and take action as they grow up.  Some get traumatized and it affects their mental health. It is a cruel fact that no matter how much a person who has seen domestic violence in his childhood tries to overcome that in the future, they can never overcome that trauma. We as a society need to understand that unless we don’t take strict action against domestic violence, every child will suffer in their lives at some point in time and it will make the whole society suffer. We need to stop domestic violence starting from the places we know domestic violence happens. Don’t let any child suffer because of domestic violence because it will only make everyone suffer.