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Aditi Sahu
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Feminist marriage: a marriage where both the partners are treated as equals, with the same amount of respect, and the same amount of share in the household chores. So, is the feminist marriage actually just a mirage?

In today’s scenario when every action by the society is rooted in deep patriarchy, a feminist marriage certainly seems like a mirage. It’s highly rare in Indian households to find a marriage where the male partner does even 20 percent of the chores, let alone the ideal 50 percent. The household chores are by default considered to be a woman’s job, irrespective of whether she’s doing a paid job like her husband or not. The woman is expected to look after the kids and the household chores all by herself, and then she is allowed to pay attention to her job—which by most members of the family is regarded as a secondary job compared to that of the husband’s. The husband just gets to live his dream life, have a beautiful house, and tiny human versions of himself, without putting even half of the efforts done by the wife. Fortunately, such is not the case for every household, but the majority remains the same.

So yes, a feminist marriage definitely remains a mirage in the current world. However, there is a little hope for the improvement as women are raising voices to get an equal treatment not just in the outer world but in their homes too! And of course, albeit slowly, the change is coming and hopefully the feminist marriage won’t be a mirage anymore for the coming generations.