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Samriti Sharma
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I really appreciate you speaking up on this topic and yes I totally agree it is high time that marital rape in India needs recognition to the level that some active laws should be passed criminalising the same.
Why can’t we just recognise a women as a human being first who does have a basic right to say no right!?
Despite the fact that if a woman has been married to a particular individual she doesn’t lose her individuality which she possess since her very birth. It needs to be made clear here that marriage doesn’t in any manner mean that your wife becomes some sort of property belonging to you and that you can prioritise youself over her very wishes or consent for that matter.
The active question being talked about in parliament is of misuse of the marital rape stating that it would give rise to many fictions cases which would harass men instead but then why are we forgetting here that there is not a single law passed so far which hasn’t been misused by people. There are going to be instances of the same kind in here too provided our law making body that is legislature is bestowed with the responsibility to deal with the same, to make provision accordingly which would would leave a little or no space for misuse at all. I believe that
The mere fear of misuse shouldn’t be the reason to allow the victims to suffer any longer and their dignity and individuality should be protected by some effective remedy of law