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Child marriage is an internationally recognized health and human rights violation disproportionately affecting girls, globally. According to the United Nations, complications from pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death for girls aged 1519 years in developing countries. UNICEF estimates Stillbirths and newborn deaths are 50 percent higher among mothers under the age of 20 than in women who get pregnant in their 20s. Child marriage affects more than the young girls, the next generation is also at higher risk for illness and death. Marriage of children is declining worldwide, but is increasing in Bangladesh. Bangladesh ranks fourth in the prevalence of child marriage and second only to India. The other three countries with higher child marriage rates than Bangladesh are underdeveloped African countries. This report was released worldwide by UNICEF on March 6, 2018. One of the main reason for the continuance of this violation is due to the lack of awareness and not knowing the laws related with Child marriage. Being a law student, I would like to mention some laws relating to Child marriage. They include Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006, Hindu Marriage Act 1956, Muslim Personal Law, Indian Christian Marriage Act etc. These all rules and regulations should be known by our girls for putting an end to this heinous action. For spreading these knowledge, we should find various methods to reach them. That include giving awareness classes in schools, collages, village gatherings and all. So, new individuals to come up to spread the information and also they can take help from NGOs, community welfare workers and all. In these ways, we can put an end to Child marriage in the coming years.