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Afshan Iqbal
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Fat is truly a feminist issue, you know why? Because when we talk about feminism we refer to inequality, sexism, gender pay gap, etc. However, we often forget about the questions that are raised on a woman’s body type and the inequality she has to face just because she looks a certain way which is regarded as “not ideal” for a woman! How often do we see a man being declined a job opportunity, rejected for marriage and promotions, or not getting the chance for making impactful decisions because of his body? I guess rarely! Then why is a woman who owns her body type declined the same because she has an appearance that doesn’t suit societal criteria. Why are fat women considered a subject of mockery whereas fat men have been associated with prosperity? Is it just that the equality of men and women is limited to certain parameters and not in every way possible? These questions should alarm us. And yet sadly it doesn’t because we know how pervasive body type feeling is. We have a list of standards for women but the same standards don’t apply to men. Why? Because women are “supposed” to look the way they have been portrayed by society, adhering to impossible beauty standards while men can have social status irrespective of their physique.
Fat women are oppressed, discriminated against, and abused precisely because of their physique. It is high time that we acknowledge fat-shaming and end capitalism on fatness. Feminism is a way of awareness that can help fat women get their equal share of respect and opportunities that they were denied due to irrelevant beauty standards.