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Shreya Shukla
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It’s beautifully inscribed and is all about that as women social authority has strengthened, the pressure they feel to stick to the unrealistic social standards of beauty has also intensified because of mass platforms.
It’s sick of people to think that a woman should look presentable always. It hardly matters what she is feeling, her situation, her health etc. she should look ‘physically’ glamorous. These unnecessary filters of beauty create a miserable emotion in a women’s mind. She starts doubting her looks despite being successful and talented. These judgements pressurise her to wear make-up all the time and this has nothing to do with her feelings. And there is no issue in understanding that self- suspicion breaks a person internally or spiritually.
I don’t understand what makes it so hard for people to understand that Beauty is the reflection of the inner self. It’s only people’s obsession with physical beauty that needs to be overcome by making them understand that women are not decorated things for the male dominant society, they are also human beings, they have feelings and hence they should not be judged for being themselves.
According to me, this male dominant society is afraid of the increasing strength of women and that is why such unreasonable standards have been formulated to discourage them by hook or by crook.
“Outer Beauty attracts but Inner Beauty Captivates”
by Kate Angell