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038 deepika Singh
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Patriarchy is a hierarchal system in which men are at the top of the hierarchy and women are below them while on the other hand feminism is a belief that smashes the patriarchy and considers women and men as equal entities.

Patriarchy considers a male as the head of a family regarding them as superior while considering women as the inferior ones. Here women are completely excluded from any kind of participation in economical or political decisions. The attributes pertaining to women are considered as ‘feminine’ and those pertaining to men are considered as ‘masculine’, undervaluing the former one. It is the prime obstacle in the advancement and development of women. Patriarchy, which pre-supposes the natural superiority of male over female, shamelessly upholds women’s dependence on men in all aspects of life.

Feminism aims at destroying the roots of patriarchy, thereby bringing equalities between genders. Patriarchy is not just bad it a issue of great concern that needs to be fixed and feminism is the solution to it.