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Betty Freidan is the journalist, author and obviously an activist, one of the important face of feminist, she was one of the early leaders of movement women’s right they, she is the co-founder of the National Organization for women, she is recognized as best selling author for her book feminine mystique which was a voice for millions of American women’s frustration that they were facing in that period, betty was very dedicated for her work, she wants to achieve status and recognition in the American society, so she kept on making efforts to reach her aim, also it books was very appreciated by feminist. She was very much involved in the political causes; Freidan took part in the issue of labor and their union issues and then her interest grows in the women’s rights movement. Betty spent five years of her life conducting interviews with housewives for researching her book. She called women’s strike for their equality on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement. Also, she wants to create awareness of gender discrimination, she always wants to level up things the which she did to a very far extent. She was very influential in changing unethical laws and unfair hiring practices, gender inequality. Betty has made a big contribution to feminism. Betty Freidan her work is unforgettable and she is the inspiration for all today’s feminists who they look up to.