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Patriarchy is something that man holds more power than women in every way whether it can be in leadership, home or social advantage. Patriarchy are seen in many ways everyday but mostly it happens at workplace between men and women.
Now let us see, Example of patriarchy in the workplace as following:
1.Hiring: we all know that, In many companies men are more hire than women instead of same skill and experience but they don’t get hire because of their gender which is wrong they need to judge or test their skills and talents to hire them rather than not giving a chance only.
2.Opportunities: In the workplace, men gets easily job opportunities than women whereas women has to rush to get an chance to have an opportunity instead of having same skill and experience they don’t get an job opportunities over men.
3.Equal pay: We can see that, men gets equal pay for their work but women don’t get equal pay by having the same skill and experience like men than also she get paid less than men in the workplace which is not right. Both men and women needs to get equal pay for their work.
4.Leadership: Men hold more leadership in many projects in the workplace than women because women don’t get an chance to have the leadership. If the women gets the leadership men will jealous and try to make obstacles in her work due to which it may lose her leadership.
5.Safety: In many companies, women aren’t safe there is increase in cases of sexual and physical harassment at workplace. But there should be safety to prevent it whereas men can do work freely like than only women should also at that freedom and feel safe in the workplace.
These were the examples of patriarchy in the workplace. Companies need to give equal opportunities and treatment for both men and women without any discrimination and inequality.