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Dysphoria is the sense of unhappiness, feeling sad, stress anxiety well dysphoria is not a mental health issue but it cannot take care of this feeling it may take a toll mental health of the person, signs of this are emotional breakdown, loss of appetite, sleeping issues, so transgender go through these a lot because they are always humiliated by our society, if we are kind person, we should support them and lift them up from this mental state. We should validate their experiences if they share without being judgmental, realize them you are there with them. ask them how can we help trans people who are experiencing dysphoria. We can distract them by taking them out or doing fun activities with them it will help them a lot, we can chill with them and make sure we don’t say a thing that makes them feel sad. So basically, when trans people feel dysphoric they don’t like people around them so you can send them self-care hampers, or gift cards, and some fresh flowers to make them feel worthy. you can also tell them to exercise Dysphoria is like a monster, so a friend in sadness and depression if they are cultivating bad habits so as a friend you should encourage them to seek help. You cannot take away the pain which they are going through but by supporting you at least help them to recover fast. These are some ways you can support trans people from feeling dysphoric.