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Feminism is basically aims that women should have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal treatment like men and it is political, social and economic equality and movements between both the sexes. Feminism helps us to understand that how women don’t have equal rights and equal opportunities like both men and women are not treated equally in our society. Through feminism phases and movement the issues and problems has been highlighted. The activist and leaders are introducing and making it highlight on society, towards inequality and violence against women. Because of the feminism, reproductive health rights has been given importance in our society and that’s how people are trying to raise their voice for equal rights. At workplace also girls and women who faces problems and difficulties which was not came to that much important but due to feminism it came that how women and girls are suffering from physical and sexual harassment at workplace in that also women don’t get equal pay because of their gender. In politics also women’s don’t have right to vote because of feminist movement women got right to vote like men. Women gets affect from society gender inequality, gender discrimination, gender stereotypes and what not. But because of the feminist movement it came into existence that all the genders need to be treated equally without any comparison and beliefs or norms. There were some activist who had also fight for LGBTQ community rights and how they aren’t treated equally in our society. Because of the feminism many things has came into highlight due to which it helped us to understand our society.