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Betty Friedan was an feminist writer and activist who fights for women’s equal rights and women’s movement. Betty Friedan is known for her book called as The Feminine Mystique which was published in 1963. She has contributed in women’s movement where, she helped women’s to have right to vote in 20th century. Betty Friedan was the first president of National Organizations for Women (NOW) which is an american feminist organization and it was founded in 1966 means 55 years back. This organizations focuses on issues like abortion, access to reproductive health rights, violence against women, equality and more. Betty Friedan has the main focus on women’s right like equal opportunities, equal pay, access of abortion, end of physical and sexual harassment at workplace these were main issues that betty friedan has focused and achieved for women’s rights and raised her voice against wrong to get the equal rights for women. As we all know that women were getting less job opportunities and their was no priority for women’s education like men due to which betty friedan has the objective to have equal opportunities of job and education for women. When Supreme Court has announced legalization of abortion in 1973 after that betty friedan founded National Association of Abortion Laws. She had also fights for the lesbian rights. Betty Friedan who founded NOW which was the great contribution towards women’s rights and movement which has really helped women.