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I totally disagree with the thought that fat-shaming helps people to lose weight. Fat shaming is very harmful to health. It is very thought who think they have lose weight from fat-shaming they are doing torturing their body, losing fat is healthy for the body but you have to decide what is the reason behind losing fat you don’t have because same people always fat shames you. Instead of motivation, it’s harmful to their health and they end up eating more and gain much weight. It is also proved by the researchers. And most of the people who are fat shame are very slim and are in better shape. You literally help with your ideas that how you lost weight. This discrimination is causing stress on people who are fat which will drive them in eating more. It is also linked with depression anxiety attacks. Fat shaming, they are very wrong, maybe they will not feel bad today, they are saying they have to place themselves in your position. Fat-shaming triggers behavioral changes, through which eat more and put on weight and they don’t care about their body. So before saying anything to a person yon need to think at least what effect it had on a person you will never so people need to take care of this. even people who are don’t believe what society says and think because your body is not their property.