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Malala Yousuf Zai
Well, I think all women in this world need to listen to their struggles, their firmness of purpose and eagerness to get educated also to give education right to every woman in this world.
“When the whole world silence, even the one voice becomes powerful,” Malala said in her biography. Every woman, the girl has her own fight and struggles to go on, sometimes against society, Male dominating culture, and also against her own family but when we start giving up our willingness and all hope to keep fighting, we need to remember her story. The 15-year-old girl who stood up for her right to education against the Taliban and also was shotted not just once but thrice still could not stop her from getting an education. In 2007 swat valley came under the dominance of the Taliban and banned girls from going to school, Malala is thought this is an injustice, and with the support of her family, she decides to fight against them for her rights. The 15-year-old girl must be so afraid but her eagerness to get justice for herself and other girls couldn’t stop her from fighting. Malala Yousufzai also got felicitated with the Noble prize award now currently she is being part of documentaries which will be very inspiring to us and all her struggles are going shown in the documentary, even that 15-year girl can do something we can also try to do. She has achieved a lot of things in this shortage. Being a social activist, she always put her point and voice about issues, she is really a blessing for their country.