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Male gaze is like impossible to stop, we can see that male gaze appears in movies, short film’s and advertisements. The way man sees constantly that makes women uncomfortable. At college, workplace and other places women also go through from body shaming. In today’s generation there are people who say to men and women (if they are healthy) “YOU ARE FAT”, “EAT LESS” or they will laugh on body shape or size, things like this may affect men and women who may get suffers from depression, self harm and stress due to which they don’t go outside for travel and parties, It’s just a one example but there are many more. Not only body but also clothes & makeup gets affect women from male gaze, If a women do a makeup her friend’s will make a joke on her and if women wear a short clothes then also she get judge by male gaze, We live in a society where this things are normal now. In movies and advertisements they focuses on a parts of women’s body, They create a sexual point of view from male protagonist. We can also see that in movie posters like Action movies, zombies movie, superhero… If a women also a part of a team superheroes movie, we can see on a poster every male is looking like builder & women is showing backside of the body. This were the persistent problem of the male gaze are still their in our society.