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Frida Kahlo is known for painting like portraits, self-portraits that has the strong and positive message towards society. She was an Mexican Painter born in 1907 her works is inspired by the nature and artifacts of the Mexico and paintings of Frida Kahlo was very incredible which shows that how people are suffering from class, gender, inequality, races and more. Frida Kahlo portray painting which has the meaning and message to society of breaking gender stereotypes through her unique mind she portray and painting such kind of image that will definitely gives the message and be impact on society. On of his painting where she want to show gender stereotypes, in that she dressed like men in her family portraits whereas her mom and sis wore dresses, In that painting she want to defied gender stereotypes. Frida Kahlo was bisexual and she shows her identity openly and freely in society. She had multiple relationships with both men and women and her one of the affair was similar with her creativity with Entertainer Josephine Baker. She was very open and bold with her identity without getting fair of the society. Frida Kahlo painted women’s issues and real women’s experiences that are been ignored due to the taboo that society feels when it comes to women’s experience and problems. She painted subjects like miscarriage, abortion, breastfeeding and many more. Frida Kahlo’s style was surrealism, magical realism, Modern art and symbolism. She has the great impact on the society and feminist movement because of being an independent artist which can be an inspiration for many people.