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Manpreet Singh
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Jean Watkins or Bell hooks was born on 25 September 1952 and has been a feminist at the intersection, in essence, ever since that time. Her feminist theory is most renowned because she acknowledges that social categories (for example, race, gender, sexual identity, class, etc.) are interconnected and that neglecting their intersection generates oppression against women and changes the experience in society of living as a woman. Black women and feminism examines the consequences of racism and sexism intersection on black women as well as the contribution of sexism to convergence and racialism, which contributed to the lowest status of black women in American society. Her book ‘Ain’t I a woman?’ was a game-changer. The way black women were regarded when it was released in 1981 has entirely altered and is still highly relevant now. Bell hook was one of the feminist intersections, which gave feminism a more inclusive and practical approach to race (and other disadvantaged identities).

Bell hook has had a major impact on feminism that we today know, and for all of her accomplishments, we shall be ever grateful. Hooks assumed that her pseudonym, her grandmother’s name, honors the legacy of women; she preferred to write it in every small letter, in order to focus instead on her message. From the Mid-1970s, she taught English and ethnic studying at Yale University, from the 1980s, from Oberlin College, from African to Afro-American studies, and from the 1990s to the early 2000s in New York City College. She joined the Berea College in Berea, Kentucky, in 2004. The Institute of Bell Hooks was formed in 2014 in the university. An organization was created in the 1980s, called the Sisters of the Yam, which was later published in 1993 as the title of a book honoring black children. Hooks are still producing a large number of books and publications. She still feels that critical investigation is crucial for the acquisition of autonomy and the downfall of domination systems. The Hooks began to teach at Berea College in 2004 as a distinguished professor at home. She still remains a fascinating feminist theorist and speaks.