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Masculinity means is one of the attributes of man, in simple showing manhood with pride in the society it becomes toxic when there is no need of showing masculinity for just sake of being able to birth as man, people have very wrong stereotypes of man, man is strong, they can dominate the society, they are the support system of the family, a real man never shows their emotions these notions sometimes can be toxic to another gender of the society, everywhere we go man gets the first preference when the women try to enter in the conversation man asked them to stay outlet man to man have a conversation and sort the disputes even if there is no requirement of masculinity. It is taught to males from when they are small that you cannot cry like a girl you be a man that thought sticks with the child for a lifetime and they pass on it to other generation. Toxic masculinity is not good for anyone it only leads to rigidness and disputes and a man becomes selfish; they even have abusive behavior which by the time becomes a habit. Even the media need to change this when they are filming any commercial or show. Toxic behavior includes extra possessiveness towards females, objectifying their dressing style how they get ready. Try to normalize men expressing their emotions publicly and try to show gender-neutral behavior. A man’s ego should not hurt if women say no to something you value their choice. Many males need to control their anger issues and rage inside them because can be harmful to them as well as for another person.