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Patriarchy means men has the power over women and they get the priorities to have opportunities than females. We all know that female sportspersons face many problems than male because it has seen that opportunities and priority are given to male sportspersons and they overruled it towards female. In family, the head is mostly male who gives importance for education and career for son than daughter due to controlling the life and career of the daughter they don’t get opportunity to follow their goals which is wrong both male and female need to get an equal opportunity to follow their career goals. It has observed that, if women are going towards success men has the ego and jealous problems that how can women has the bigger opportunity than him because of which they try to create obstacles in her opportunities instead of that their are also men in today’s generation who appreciate female sportspersons but “some of the men”. For example: If there is team of sports in that male and female both are there in that also male will get the leadership rather than female. Why? This thing need to get changed and both male and female should get equal treatment with equal pay and opportunities in sports. And men is no one to control the women’s life they should also give the equal chance from childhood to both their daughter and son in sports. In today’s world, there are many females sportspersons who are achieving great success and making india proud but behind that they has done hardwork, dedication, faced lots of challenges, faced lots of discrimination, inequality and what not. But they keep going by believing in herself and ignoring the society mindset towards women the only thing they focuses on dedication, hardwork and positive support from people due to which the success has came in their lives.