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Male Gaze is important topic nowadays, especially in india due to the mindset of the people like they think that if women wear short & tight clothes she will get in trouble like harassment, kidnap or rape but they don’t think that if man stop seeing like that than their will be no problem wearing short clothes, this are the main reason behind the girls and women are not allow to wear short clothes, not only short clothes but Bollywood & ad’s is also promoting this thing. Bollywood movies in songs they used to focus on cleavage & other parts of the body & it’s common thing in Bollywood, they portray like while focusing on cleavage all man around her will get attract towards women, This thing also we can see in real life man make uncomfortable women focusing on her parts of body. We can also see that many people will blame female for wearing certain clothes or behave properly but very less people will point out male gaze in our society like no one will take stand against the way of male looking towards women in a wrong manner. Male gaze is mostly seen in movies, advertisements, songs through which women in someway are getting portray in a negative way. Male gaze is still relevant in our society and this thing need to get changed because of the male gaze family restrict their daughter to wear their own choice of clothes not only that but also women at workplace or anywhere they get uncomfortable and disrespectful due to male gaze, this needs to get stopped and people should raise their voice against it rather that pointing out women all the time.