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Sexism is everywhere, sexism refers to biasness that happens with most of the female, in a lot of ways because those women are not able to get any opportunity from the society and it is something which not appreciated even females are also a responsible citizen of the country, they also want to be the breadwinner. We can see sexism in toys, employment opportunities, advertisements, and salary gap, etc. sexism is related to stereotypes which many blindly follow instead of breaking them. but we can deal with sexist behavior by speaking against it and treating everyone equally. Male dominance should end because they always like to have the upper hand in everything which is not right. According to research 80%, women has stated that they have to face mansplaining and man interruption, many women journalist have to face the verbal abuse if they raise their voice against the man. Women accept the violence which happens to them by their husbands because they have to save their image in society, if women are not happy with the men they have to show they are happy for the society we should put an end to this. sexism affects women but it can also affect the man and boys. Sexism is very harmful people need to see everyone equally and behave likely.