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There are very less women in the parliament because women don’t get a chance in decision making and support from Society. It is true that there are very less women in parliament due to lack of leadership skills and lack of opportunity. In today’s generation, there are lots of working women in different field but they don’t get an opportunity in political leaders because either they don’t get support from family or society mentality and inequality towards women. The reason there are very few women in politics because men are given priority in decision making than women. There should be equal treatment and equal opportunity given to both men and women. Family need to support their daughter if they want to make their career in parliament and people need to encourage and support women in parliament. Both men and women should be given equal chance in decision making. Than only women will sharpen their leadership skills. Many women who want to be in parliament but they don’t choose as their career because of the society thinking towards women and challenges they will has to face with their family members. Society need to stop making gender discrimination and gender inequality and give the equal treatment and equal opportunity to all the genders.