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Feminist movement called as Third wave feminism which was started in the United States in 1990s and continued till 2010 in which it was the rise of fourth wave feminism. Third wave feminism focuses on reproductive rights for women like having rights to make choices on her body, having abortion should be her choice and legal rights. Third wave feminism feels that Second wave feminism was not finished their work. Third wave raising their voice against women problems and issues. This wave programs and rights obtain by the feminists of Second wave obey as a foundation for third wave they obtain includes equal access for education, child care services, access for reproductive services. Issues that women are facing from such as domestic violence, rape, harassment, reproductive rights, maternity leave policy and more. This wave also sees that people need to respect working mothers and women who leave their career for their child. Society need to support and respect working mothers instead of making stereotypes and comparing men and women. Third wave feminism accomplish in opposition of gender stereotypes towards women like weak, demanding, Virginal but the third wave feminism take stand and explains that women and girls are strong enough, confident and powerful. And they also faces criticism for expression of women’s sexuality due to which this wave faced from barriers to succeed. Third wave feminism is very supportive and encouraging women to have their legal rights.