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In today’s world, Society only excepts from women to display their marital status. why? Always women are excepted to show the signs of marital status like using Mrs. after marriage, they should wear mangalsutra, they should apply sindoor and what not. At interviews also women’s are asked about their marital status and it may also gets affect to their job opportunities according to their marital status because women’s marital status are mostly matters at many companies. After marriage women need to follow many marital adornments that makes difficult for women to manage with it like wearing bangles and saree just because to show their marital status in society. There are types of marital status like single, married, divorced, widowed, separated. In our society, women are already going with lots of gender inequality, gender discrimination and what not but in that also women has to compromise and sacrifice lots of things after marriage and society except that women are only need to display their marital status without knowing her choice and not giving freedom to make choices for herself. When women are single they use Ms. And after marriage they has to use Mrs. just to display her marital status. From old times it has the thinking that women are the one who need to show that they are married through following marriage adornments and showing marital status by using Mrs. Because of this thinking people are following norms and rituals without thinking about women’s equality.