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Every other girl love and dream of participating in beauty pageants they want that glam and lights and ramp walk is like their walk of self-confidence and in this beauty pageants there are many rounds which happen which models have to clear they have to showcase by wearing top designers dress so some designers make very creative fashionable styling dresses so many dresses revealing some parts of the body which are okay according to the pageants rule but it is not right according to Indian traditional culture so people are not allowing their daughters to go in beauty pageants but it is very wrong thinking of the people, beauty pageants are the way or opportunity we can represent our country and share our journey where we are coming from our life and struggle and make a change instead of criticizing our daughter we
Should tell them everything. People should adopt this new culture and appreciate the beautiful women and celebrate their joy if happiness would be the norm of culture and tradition. We can see many messages women need but they have to face many difficulties and family also there are many people who are fraud they tell wrong information and take the money from the innocent this practice is very illegal this need to stop now a, so beauty pageants are very amazing nothing is negative about that. Please participate and see your dreams turn into reality.