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Manpreet Singh
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Gender stereotyping is a key barrier to achieving true gender equality and fueling prejudice against gender. Gender stereotypes are preconceived assumptions that arbitrarily allocate males and females to their attributes and functions. Stereotyping can hamper the growth of the natural talents and abilities of boys and girls, women and men, their educational and professional experiences as well as life opportunities in general. Stereotypes about women both come from and are the cause of deeply established attitudes, values, conventions, and prejudices against women. Stereotypes regarding women are the product of profound attitudes, values, conventions, and prejudices against women and they are the reason thereof.

They are used to justify and preserve both the historical power of men over women and the sexist attitudes that hinder women’s growth. Furthermore, gender stereotypes amplified and intersected by other preconceptions have disproportionately harmful effects on some groups of women, such as women in minority or indigenous communities, disabled women, low-caste women, migrant women, etc. Misleading gender stereotypes are a common cause of women’s prejudice. It contributes to violations of a wide range of rights including health rights, appropriate living standards, education, marriage and families, job, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, political participation and representation, effective remedies, and freedom from gender-based violence.

The stereotype threat is a disagreeable acknowledgment that you can be judged by a negative stereotype or that in a sense you can seem to support a negative stereotype because the stereotype is personal and sometimes an obvious explanation of the behavior or experience you have. In other words, a stereotype threat emerges if a person forecasts that his group’s negative perception will be judged or handled unfavorably. The critical evaluation of current documents reveals the perpetual gender discrimination and the obstruction of professional development of women within the organizations by individual factors, family factors, socio-cultural and organizational factor(s). The critical review of the existing literature, Therefore, management theories need to engage in critical social gender theories to comprehend the patriarchal social, economic, cultural, political, and religious contexts that are entrenched in gender-based stereotyping.