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Sexism means not treating men and women equally mostly women are not treated equally because of their gender. Many girls and women are getting affected from sexism because they don’t get equal opportunities like men. At workplace also women are not treated equally and not getting equal pay because of their gender, they always gives priority to men which is wrong women are equally deserve to get a chance to prove herself with her talent and hardwork. Because of sexism gender inequality takes place towards girls and women. Due to sexism it encourage sexual harassment, abuse, domestic violence, rape. Many of the girls and women are going through of it, why? Because the only reason is gender discrimination and gender inequality towards women. This needs to get stop for women’s safety. Transgender people are also affecting more like women because they don’t get equal respect only in our society which is wrong, the only thing is all the genders should be treated equally. In sexism gender stereotyping is also the reason due to which all the genders are not treated equally. In our society, people has divided the category for girls and boys like pink colour is for girls, boys should play with cars or trucks, girls should play with doll or kitchen set, girls should do household chores, boys should focus on studies due to these stereotypes between girls and boys it gives the growth to create gender inequality and gender discrimination between men and women. We can also see that gender wage pay plays the major role in sexism between all the genders because at workplace women are not getting equal pay for their work like men which is unacceptable. Women having equal talent and skills like men than also they are not getting priority to get an opportunity whereas men are always get a chance to have an opportunity. If women are not treated equally at workplace than what about transgender people they don’t even get a chance to get an opportunity. Society need to understand that everyone like considering all the genders should get equal rights and equal treatment in our society.